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Our Collaborators

folks we count on when assembling a project team


Emma Carter

Hair || Makeup || Fashion Stylist

Emma Carter began at Cosmopolitan Magazine under the leadership of beauty icon Helen Gurley Brown. Emma's fashion eye for style was soon recognized by esteemed makeup artist Bobbi Brown becoming her first protege. Years in NYC coiffing celebrities for national magazines, she's now working with ORYX. More:


Denise diPrima

Casting Agent || Wardrobe Stylist

With a background in casting, acting, and visual arts, Denise has over 20 years of experience as a key wardrobe & set stylist in print & video. Including all genres: lifestyles, character, fantasy and historical. Denise has dressed talent in everything from bubble wrap to Prada. 



Ben Turney

Sound Engineer

Ben says he got into the biz because he wanted to make super-hero movies but discovered he didn’t mind crawling on the floor to run cables, holding a boom for hours, or nagging people about noisy HVAC systems. All we know is that he can hear a leafblower 3 blocks away.


Bryan Hoffman

Key Grip / Lighting 

Bryan Hoffman is our go to lighting dude. He's been involved in video/film/still photography since the '80's; he knows his way around a set like no one we know. Location management, running a set, lighting, problem solving or just keeping us smiling, he's the first call of first calls.



Rod Abernethy

Music || Recording || Mixing

Award-winning composer and musician Rod Abernethy crafts memorable music scores for visual media including video, advertising, and television. His rich musical repertoire encompasses traditional acoustic and ethnic scores, unique hybrid soundtracks fusing electronic and organic elements, as well as dramatic music written for orchestra. Learn more at


Ryan Cuthriell

Visual Design

Ryan Cuthriell crafts marketing and design solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Oryx relies on Ryan as an invaluable partner for creative direction and visual design. He's focused on building memorable brands, great digital experiences, and enduring design solutions for clients who seek purpose and presence.


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