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Piney Creek


Participate Learning asked us to create a branding video featuring a rural school in the hills of North Carolina. Participate Learning implemented a global education curriculum that prepares students for the challenges of a smaller world. Their work fosters cultural understanding to create a more peaceful future for everyone. We visited Piney Creek Elementary over 2 days, interviewed students, teachers and administrators in addition to capturing footage of the facility and the town of Piney Creek.

The final video was debuted at a corporate annual meeting and late shown at a company wide retreat while finally resting on their website.


Participate Learning 

Creative Director: Bruce DeBoer
Producer: Brian Shaw
Assistant Producer: Ryan Lee
Production Co-ordinator: Rachael McNamee
Director of Photography: Tres Bruce
Sound: York Phelps
Editors: Sean Curran & Ryan Lee
Colourist: Brian Shaw
Audio Mix: Kevin Gillen

Participate Learning: Pioneers of Piney Creek

Participate Learning: Pioneers of Piney Creek

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